For The love of clothes.


Laundry detergent doesn’t have much status. Yumos was stuck as a brand that helped you with chores. Folding your bed sheets, washing your clothes and acted as if he was a companion doing the chores for you. It was old, mundane and muted.


There’s so much more to clothes than appearance. They are a reflection of you.


For the love of clothes. We utilised a national Turkish hero and transitioned Yumos from a laundry detergent brand into a fashion brand with the attitude of an icon. Diverse, energetic, vibrant, reflective and bold. A strategic and creative move that was presented across Turkey in various channels.


The campaign still runs now, the public got involved, press shared their opinions. You might know this bear as Snuggle, Cajoline or Yumos, but to the people of Turkey, he became even more of an icon.


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