I'm Tristan,
A designer turned Art Director.
Over recent months, I've pushed out a few big ideas and designed and crafted a few others—
I've hacked Pinterest to sell Hellmann's mayonnaise.
I've also explained the wonders of Samsung 5G to techies.
And there's still some work in the pipeline—
Like a campaign using the psychological powers of clothes. We're using a dull and grey call centre to prove this.
I'm getting fashion influencers to take to social media by making a Turkish icon, even more iconic.
We've also wrapped The Metro
with instructions on how to make a Dove scented newspaper fan. Great for London's sweaty tubes during the summer.
We tried to convince HSBC to start accepting the Brixton and Bristol pound, and other local currencies to encourage community spending.
I've also been proactive—
Like a Dove print ad for Donald Trump, reminding him to be a bit more gentle.
I tried calling out Heinz for talking behind Hellmann's back.
And also did some work that has won awards
Like a celebration to the people of London.
And a solution that teaches the foundations of maths to kids in South Sudan—
I've also become quite efficient at the everyday-bread-and-butter-keep-the-lights-on-social posts and web banners.
If you're keen to have a chat, here's where you can get in touch.