Whatever the weather


UK Weather is unpredictable. Get people to try the Hellmann's Summer range, regardless of the forecast.


No matter where in the world you are from, everyone knows that the British public love a barbecue regardless of the weather forecast.


Whatever the weather, BBQ’s taste better with Hellmann’s. A campaign aimed at inconsistent weather patterns in the UK, combined with the people of England’s love of barbecuing and backed by MET weather, we created an interchangeable campaign identity. We hacked Pinterest, we ran this across social and some even thought the burger patties looked like turds. Bad press, good press, it all helped with traction.


Hellmann’s sales increased throughout the summer. Whether that was due to weather or the Campaign, we will never know the truth. The Head of Marketing at Unilever saw this campaign and decided they wanted the same creative thinking across their Dove brand.


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