I'm Tristan
A designer turned Art Director.
Over the last twenty months I've pushed out a few big ideas and crafted a couple others—
We hacked a Pinterest feed to sell Hellmann's mayonnaise.
We also explained the wonders of Samsung 5G to people who already knew more about it than us.
We've still got some work in the pipeline—
Like our campaign to make call centres less boring, by using the psychological powers Comfort gives us and our clothes.
We're doing something similar in Turkey, but for a little bear called Yumos. We're making an icon, more iconic.
Here are the ideas that made it to the end of the road, only to be pulled last minute—
A Dove scented newspaper fan, perfect for the London heatwave. Unfortunately, it only lasted two weeks.
A commitment to accept regional UK currency at HSBC to thrive with smaller businesses. They didn't end up buying it.
Then we have the proactive stuff—
Like a print ad for Donald Trump, with love from Dove.
Calling out Heinz for talking behind Hellmann's back.
I also did some work that won some awards
A homage to the people of London
A solution that teaches the foundations of maths to kids in South Sudan—
And lastly, I've become quite efficient at the everyday-bread-and-butter-keep-the-lights-on-social posts and web banners.
If you're keen to have a chat, here's where you can get in touch.